Ball Skills

Don’t you just love having creative friends? Was visiting friends over the weekend and completely loved this idea.
They had a dead tennis ball and decided that fitting a metal door stop was too much trouble, so using a craft knife (make sure the blade is sharp, but work slowly so as not to slip and cut yourself,) they cut a cross in the tennis ball slightly smaller than the diameter of the handle and then fit it over the door handle.

And those foamy children’s balls that come in different colours would work a treat too – might even be easier to cut.

Advantage, Putting the Love In 😉

Finding a Contractor

That should be finding the RIGHT contractor. Over the years, I’ve worked in some areas a lot more than others and have become popular with the local homeowners. I get a lot of repeat business and referrals, so sometimes I can end up working on three or four houses – or more – in the same road. Neighbours talk to each other in the areas of South London where I work. Its the best form of recommendation and keeps it friendly, which means that when we actually arrive on site to rip their house apart, they already know us – and that it’ll all be fine.

look out for builders vans

So, when you want to have works done, look around your new neighbourhood and see if there are any builders vans that you see regularly. If there are, then they have a local following and you can trust that he’ll look after you, because he has a real incentive to keep his good reputation. Introduce yourself to your new neighbours and ask them what they think of the builder. The really good thing is, you can see examples of his work in their homes – and if their house is a mirror image of your own, then you’ll be able to imagine what you can achieve.

If he’s good, he’s going to be busy and you’ll have to chase him to get a slot in his book. Make sure you tell him how you found him – so use the names of your neighbours when you call. Ask him questions about what you’re wanting to do, it’s good to get a feel for whether your ideas are going to work – and never give any money up front.


Car Boot Treasures

Remember I said that I’d spent £10 at a carboot sale? Well, I should add that I’d never actually been to one before – and I have no idea how I’ve managed to miss out on something so brilliant for so long.


I went looking for frames and frames is what I got! Can you believe how many I got for a tenner though? I spent the whole time chortling to myself, it was so much fun – and I did drag Richard along. He was very amused at my behaviour, I kept darting off and positively rubbing my hands in glee! Considering he had no idea what I was planning to do with them – and he often gets asked to add his skill – he handled it rather well, I thought…

So, the smallest one is antique (£1) and I’ve already cleaned it and added my grandmother’s picture to it. The white one (£1.70) is in the beginning stages of a revamp and will become a pin-board for my daughter. Pictures and how to’s will follow shortly.

The small one to the left is also antique (£1.50) and will also get a family picture inserted into it. The mirror frame is oak (£2) and will probably not stay as a mirror – though not quite sure exactly what I’ll do with it yet and the small whitewashed oak frame that has the flower painting, will become two separate items.

Not only did I have an absolute hoot, there were some amazing finds there, armchairs for reupholstery and various tables, vintage pieces and all kinds of glass and ceramics. There was also a very weird selection of chainsaws and rusty tools, but whatever floats your boat! The bargain of the day was an old haberdashery shop fitting, about 1800mm long by 2000mm high. £800, totally amazing. If you’re interested in things with character but don’t want to spent a lot – go to a carboot sale and then give it some. love The one I went to is on every Saturday morning at Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium, Plough Lane SW17 0BL.

Being a Homeowner

Means different things to different people. To me it means loving where I live. I get excited with the possibilities I see at car boot sales! Who knew that £10 could buy so much? And this is why we want to share with new homeowners how rewarding it can be to ‘put the love in’ to your own home.

We’ll be posting tips and ideas on decorative projects as well has offering advice to get you started on larger projects.

Please use the contact form on the About page if you’d like to get in touch. We’re always happy to have feedback.


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