Car Boot Treasures

Remember I said that I’d spent £10 at a carboot sale? Well, I should add that I’d never actually been to one before – and I have no idea how I’ve managed to miss out on something so brilliant for so long.


I went looking for frames and frames is what I got! Can you believe how many I got for a tenner though? I spent the whole time chortling to myself, it was so much fun – and I did drag Richard along. He was very amused at my behaviour, I kept darting off and positively rubbing my hands in glee! Considering he had no idea what I was planning to do with them – and he often gets asked to add his skill – he handled it rather well, I thought…

So, the smallest one is antique (£1) and I’ve already cleaned it and added my grandmother’s picture to it. The white one (£1.70) is in the beginning stages of a revamp and will become a pin-board for my daughter. Pictures and how to’s will follow shortly.

The small one to the left is also antique (£1.50) and will also get a family picture inserted into it. The mirror frame is oak (£2) and will probably not stay as a mirror – though not quite sure exactly what I’ll do with it yet and the small whitewashed oak frame that has the flower painting, will become two separate items.

Not only did I have an absolute hoot, there were some amazing finds there, armchairs for reupholstery and various tables, vintage pieces and all kinds of glass and ceramics. There was also a very weird selection of chainsaws and rusty tools, but whatever floats your boat! The bargain of the day was an old haberdashery shop fitting, about 1800mm long by 2000mm high. £800, totally amazing. If you’re interested in things with character but don’t want to spent a lot – go to a carboot sale and then give it some. love The one I went to is on every Saturday morning at Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium, Plough Lane SW17 0BL.


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