Finding a Contractor

That should be finding the RIGHT contractor. Over the years, I’ve worked in some areas a lot more than others and have become popular with the local homeowners. I get a lot of repeat business and referrals, so sometimes I can end up working on three or four houses – or more – in the same road. Neighbours talk to each other in the areas of South London where I work. Its the best form of recommendation and keeps it friendly, which means that when we actually arrive on site to rip their house apart, they already know us – and that it’ll all be fine.

look out for builders vans

So, when you want to have works done, look around your new neighbourhood and see if there are any builders vans that you see regularly. If there are, then they have a local following and you can trust that he’ll look after you, because he has a real incentive to keep his good reputation. Introduce yourself to your new neighbours and ask them what they think of the builder. The really good thing is, you can see examples of his work in their homes – and if their house is a mirror image of your own, then you’ll be able to imagine what you can achieve.

If he’s good, he’s going to be busy and you’ll have to chase him to get a slot in his book. Make sure you tell him how you found him – so use the names of your neighbours when you call. Ask him questions about what you’re wanting to do, it’s good to get a feel for whether your ideas are going to work – and never give any money up front.


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