Local Finds

So, while I was out for a walk on Sunday, I suddenly saw something I’ve walked past thousands of times and never seen before!

Hard Landscaping that can be used for play.

Hard Landscaping that can be used for play.

Railway Sleepers, fence posts and decking have never looked so much fun. This is outside a local school, but wouldn’t it work so well in a garden that needed a barrier or seating that can also be the focus of play? And why stop there – remember the wooden building blocks of early childhood – with a combination of rectangles and cylinders, you could create castles and towns, cars and furniture. Even a grown up garden would benefit from the whimsy of a wooden block ‘sculpture’. I want to do some garden revamping myself…I feel an idea coming on.

And speaking of ideas, I just love this!

Sculpture of a natural kind.

Sculpture of a natural kind.

Every time I see this garden, on the edge of Tooting Bec, I am mesmerised by the atmosphere these standing stones create. It’s like they’re guarding the house, friendly protectors. Ok, so mid-winter, they’re a little creepy – just a little bit – but in mid summer with the acanthus spires surrounding them, I love how they add height and texture to a very green garden and reflect the colours of the blooms on the acanthus.

I imagine that the sculptures are created by drilling a central hole in each river stone and then threading them onto a metal rod that has been secured into a poured concrete pad, but with the right tools ( and a friendly builder 😉 ) this is not hard work considering the impact achieved. And with a little wooden town, these stone spires look a bit like trees, can you see where I’m going with this? So much inspiration from natural materials…

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