Here it Is

As you know from my post back in September I struggled to choose the paint colours for the outside of my house. Right up until the very last minute I was still dithering about whether I would go dark or pale in my choice. And then of course the bigger concern was the installation of the new front windows, so you could say I was a little distracted…

the old rotten frames come out

the old rotten frames come out

Watching the old windows come out was a strange experience. Seeing the inside of my house supported with pit props and watching the frames being cut out was un-nerving – and I’m on building sites all the time. My front room looked like the open servery of a mobile cafe and because the builders were outside to do the work it really felt like I was about to sell someone a cup of tea.

pit props

The frame itself was extremely heavy and after calling for an extra pair of hands to help with the lifting, the job moved quite quickly. The frame was secured into the framework of the house that had been exposed by the removal of the old windows and then the fixed window panes were installed. All the glazed panels are double glazed and I have to say I’m so pleased with the results. The whole of the downstairs is much warmer, because what was original was single glazed – and very drafty. That’s completely a thing of the past! I really hadn’t thought I’d notice such a difference, but as its been so mild, the heating hasn’t been on very much in the evenings and I haven’t felt the need to boost the temperature – something I usually have to do at this time of the year (before it’s cold enough for the heating to be on for most of the evening.)

the new frame

the new frame

So to date, the front exterior paintwork is done and the back will wait until the spring. All that now remains is to scrape the paint off the glass, which I don’t appear to be very good at (apparently I’m not putting enough force into it…) And here it is!

the new exterior

new paintwork

the front door

Resplendent in Fig Grey (Zoffany) masonry, with Strong White (Farrow and Ball) wood work and Ammonite (Farrow and Ball) front door. The masonry is matt, the woodwork is high gloss and the front door is eggshell, so with a sheen but not slick. I’m so happy with how my house looks!

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