Being a home owner isn’t always fun. Let’s be honest, there is a certain romanticism involved in buying a property, you know exactly how you want it to look and how you want it to function, but that isn’t the whole story and when things don’t go quite to plan, suddenly it starts to get serious.

your new front door

Who knew that the stereo would blow the fuse for the sockets and that the loo flushing would make the most awful noise? And why did all the light bulbs get removed when the old owner moved out?

These are the things you learn when you move in and every home you live in will have its own quirks and foibles – things you have to live with until you decide you just can’t bear them any longer. But don’t rush into changes.

Learning how your home works is the research that you need to base your design on. Sometimes the ideas you have before you move in will be spot on, but don’t be afraid to change your mind. When the sun shines in, you may decide that things need to be adjusted – sunny kitchens in the morning are so wonderful to spend time in and that may be the room you had thought would be the bathroom – or your bedroom! If you’re a night owl, having the sun stream in at four in the morning, may not be your preferred option.

And do not buy furniture before you’ve had the chance to work out if you can get it through the door, or up the stairs if you have a flat on an upper floor. The same goes for American style fridge freezers.

Interior Design is a practical process. It involves issues of space and functionality. It isn’t just about how a room looks. Getting the way a space flows right instantly makes an interior feel calm and balanced, so it is worth spending time – and money – on the layout.

sample board

Keep in mind a lot of homes are a stepping stone to another property, so although it is your pride and joy right now, the choices you make will affect how easily it will sell – and what price you achieve. That will be the biggest concern when you’re ready to move on, so be practical and don’t allow your heart to dictate choices that could cause problems when you no longer love your home quite as much as when you purchased it.

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  1. That’s always been my struggle…designing the house the way I want and if I do said style will it “sell” later on? Finding that balance between my likes and what will sell later on, as no home I’ve lived in is “THE” home I will be in forever! Looking forward to perusing your blog. Best wishes and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Koko 🙂


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