Talk the talk

Contractors are always using phrases that sound alien, so we thought you’d like the inside track on what they’re saying…

Chasing In – creating a channel in the wall or floor (if it’s concrete) to house pipework or electrics.

Making Good – reinstating the smooth decorative appearance of a wall or floor after an alteration has been made to it.

Offer Up – checking a position of an object (a lintel, cupboard, shelf, architrave) by raising it to the required site and marking the location before fitting.

Good and True – checking if something is level with a spirit level.

Spess – specification of the job.

Fit-Out – the items being used for the job (the kitchen or bathroom fittings).

The Gear – any materials needed for the job.

Live – a term used to describe plaster if it is no longer firmly attached to the wall.

Pissed – something that is no longer straight and level.

The Trap – the plumbing under a sink.

The String – the side panels of stairs (not all stairs have a string.)

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