From Lampshade to Hamper…

I’ve been getting creative in the last week – I just had to start doing something with my car boot sale finds – and this project didn’t involve paint and sandpaper! To be honest the initial idea came from a fantastic book, ‘Junk Genius’ by Juliette Goggin and Stacy Sirk and you can see that they have a wonderful, quirky approach to giving unloved objects a new lease on life

lampshade coffee table

I could have done something like this because I love the idea, but I was more interested in creating something for the garden – with a plant in the centre – and then I thought, ‘it’s time to get that dirty laundry pile under control’ and the lampshade hamper was born!

So I started with a car boot lampshade (£2.00)

car boot lampshade purchase

And then I stripped off the outer covering and liner. Sharp scissors required and what a lot of dust!

Wire framework exposed

So, I found some fabric that I thought would work in my bathroom and measured the circumference of the largest part of the frame, I added on 10cm and divided that number in three. This created the width of the panels.

Then I measured the height of the frame, added to that the radius of the smaller part of the frame and then allowed another 10cm, for fullness of the liner. Adding these three numbers together, this created the length of the panels. I cut three panels from these dimensions with the base of the panel about 15cm narrower than the top (so it was shaped like a flower-pot) and used flat felled seams to join then in a loop. I pleated the bottom seam so that it would sit inside the wire frame and also used a flat fell seam to finish it.

Next, I measured the radius of the larger part of the frame, added 5cm and using the width measurement of the liner panels, created three rectangles for the ‘lid’. I used flat felled seams to again create a loop and with wrong sides together, stitched this to the body of the liner. To neaten this edge I attached bias tape with a zigzag stitch. Leave an opening so that you can pull it up with elastic. On the outer edge I inserted bobble trim to liven it up. With 1cm elastic measuring 15cm less than the circumference, I inserted this into the bias tape so that it would hug the wire frame.

Using more bias tape, I turned under the edge of the ‘lid’ to create a casing for a drawstring. With a safety pin, insert a piece of ribbon or cord into the casing and tie the ends together.

Lampshade Hamper 1

Lampshade Hamper

And there you have it, no longer a lampshade and no more dirty laundry on the floor!